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Whenever the temperature soars to upper nineties or the hundreds, I know that chickens housed in cages and buildings will die … by the thousands. Nobody will ever know, because it’s not news. It’s just part of agribusiness. A cost of doing business. But really free chickens can survive intense heat! They seek cool shady […]

It’s a controversial idea, but many people swear it works: You can “sex eggs” … that is, you can determine the gender of a potential hatchling by the shape of the egg. Pointed = rooster, round = hen. I bring this up because when chickens are free to do whatever they please, they are likely […]

The girls all agreed to get together and persuade William to buy hundreds of new cartons so he could sell the extra eggs. They researched retail outlets and chose Johnnie’s in Carrboro! Now you can pick up a dozen fresh, nutritious, and delicious eggs produced by 100% free chickens. ¬†All profits go to chicken feed! […]

The entire nation is enduring a heat wave, and here in central North Carolina, we might break the all-time record today for consecutive days over 100 degrees. It has been just miserable. I’ve heard of caged factory chickens dying by the hundreds. (A loss always mentioned in the news as an economic tragedy.) Well, chickens […]

The young chicks grew into pullets and finally reached a good enough size so that they could be released from their pen. It was a moment we had all been waiting for. With the door open, they hesitated. But the big adult Buff Orpington we had in their to be their babysitter showed them the […]

Short answer: Yes! Long answer: Can you keep them safe from dogs during the day and safe from varmints during the night? Do you mind creatures scratching the dirt, including your just-planted flower garden? Do you have enough space to keep them happy and free (a back yard will do)?  

I hesitate to even talk about this, because some people will surely be turned off by the idea of chickens eating anything except ground up corn. But free chickens eat whatever they darn well please. And they please to eat bugs. This weekend I got the season’s first tick bite, one of the hazards of […]

The chickens roost at night in a large (garage size) fine mesh wire cage with many places to perch or cuddle, or even nest. They generally congregate there at dusk, and it’s up to a human being to close and latch the door. Well, … humans are fallible! I got up to let the dogs […]

Free the Chickens!

March 23, 2011 | 8 Comments

There is no reason to buy weak, insipid eggs from caged and stressed-out, miserable chickens. Our chickens are happy, healthy, and free to roam as far and wide as they please. They return each night of their own accord to roost in a cage for protection from varmints. Each morning the first person up has […]